About Darveen

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Darveen Technology is committed to providing the best “industrial mobile computing solution” for customers all over the world. After years' development, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in innovative design, quality control, global channel training, technical service and other technology. Darveen have become the world's leading brand in this field.    

R&D and Manufacture Centers: Taipei and Shenzhen

In order to provide the best product for customer, Darveen establish R&D and Manufacture departments in Taipei and Shenzhen. With help of talents on both sides and unique advantages of supply chain, Darveen can develop products with the most advanced technology and ensure product quality. Cost of product and speed of entering market are all leading in this field.

Technology of Industrial mobile computing
Except computing technology, Darveen unique core technology of R&D focused on following directions: 
Comprehensive Wireless Communication: In order to improve data communication between vehicle mounted computers and control centers, Darveen’s vehicle mounted computer supports multiple methods of wireless communication, including WIFI, GPRS, 3G and the latest LTE, for more choices by customers. Furthermore, this kind of computer is designed for multiple-antennae, and could be equipped with 4 kinds of RF antennas simultaneously, satisfying the needs of many customers.
Professional mounting-bracket design:
based on special service conditions of various cranes, reach stackers, trailers, and other equipment, Darveen design a complete range of brackets to install vehicle mounted computers securely and safely in a variety of positions.
Complete antenna solutions: a complete range of antennas, including types of embedded, glue stick, probe and fiberglass, are available for Darveen’s vehicle mounted computers. Furthermore, we also offer accessories such as lightning protectors and signal boosters to furnish antenna solutions under different situations.
Power supply with features of waterproof, power ignition, UPS and wide-voltage: as unstable power supply of trucks and harsh environment, Darveen especially design wide-voltage, lightning protector and aviation-connector for power supply to improve their performance. Power ignition to delay booting or shutdown, and a UPS battery to keep the computer on during replacement of forklift battery.
High industrial protection grade: Darveen treat industrial protection grade as primary standard. We specialize in aluminum alloy shell, fanless design to ensure sealing and heat dissipation of product. Meeting requirements of harsh environment like dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion. Make sure industrial mobile computer can work for long time at high and low temperature and work stability under high vibration environment.
Remote equipment management software: In order to help workers in control centers easily diagnose vehicle mounted or handheld computers at anytime and to also allow them to easily update software, we offer remote equipment management software to provide convenience for workers to manage remote devices without the need of going to the site.


Quality is the lifeblood of DARVEEN product. In order to improve quality of products,DARVEEN have been equipped with a variety of inspection, testing and aging equipments. We also have professional QC department.  Through ISO: 9001 certification, make sure every product from DARVEEN factory has the highest quality.

Certified Quality Assurance System

Global Presence
In order to provide localized delivery and technical support, DARVEEN establish global service network, including 7 branch offices in China, Netherland, London, India, Dubai and California. In order to service customers around the world at the same time, DARVEEN establish global distributor network also. Through global service network and fast response of Internet remote service, no matter where customers located in, they can all get efficient and fast service.
DARVEEN Global offices

Customized Services (ODM)

DARVEEN provide customers professional and fast customization service (ODM). It can be designed and produced of industrial mobile computer according to customer's specific application requirements. Follow up customers’ requirements, by modifying existing product functions, appearance, operating system, BIOS, so as to quickly meet needs of customers’ products appeared on the market.

Global Technical Support

In order to provide the best service for our value customers, Darveen had deploy a professional support system. As a result of our professional engineers from branches and distributors in worldwide, we promise to solve customers’ technical problems efficiently and effectually.
Online service: For customers’ convenience, Darveen has set a friendly website (www.darveen.com) which has been equipped with various of information, including FAQ, Utility download, Usermanual and Installation Tip. With those practical information, customers are able to fix most of problems easily.
Remote service: For those who are not satisfied with online service, they can contact our technical engineer no matter from our branches or distributors worldwide. Darveen’s technical engineer are very willing to solve all technical problems efficiently and effectually. The contact information is also listed in WWW.Darveen.Com .
Field service: Darveen’s engineering teams can be sent to customers’ sites to provide: trouble shooting, periodical inspection on equipments or long-term on-site service.
Installation Service: According to customers’ demand, Darveen are also providing on-site installation of vehicle computers. Darveen’s installation engineering team has years of experience of installing, we can guarantee the best installation service to customers.
Training: Darveen can provide training to enable customers to operate, manage, troubleshoot and maintain vehicle computers.