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Reference for New Davmax Pro System Kit Held in Shen

Darveen Technology held a new product release conference in the Exhibition Center of Shenzhen Tian’an Technology Park on June 19, 2008, in which the Davmax Pro system kit and matched Xs90 communication server series were released.
Davmax Pro is a professional toolkit of forklift management designed for the third party logistics. It includes a variety of functions and features, such as WMS operating instruction search, auto analysis of WMS operating instruction, queue management and deployment optimization of forklift operation, management of vehicle terminal communication, network relay and data cache, vehicle terminal instruction character display, second confirmation of operating data in various methods, load data statistical analysis of vehicle and driver duties, modularization design and open application interface, open Web service system interface, and WMS seamless integration. It provides powerful management of forklift operation deployment for users without changing the WMS, personnel deployment and operation process, and without taking stock as the basic work unit.
At the same time, Darveen also released the Xs90 communication server. Being the operating platform of Davmax Pro system, Xs90 communication server integrates powerful processing capability and excellent stability, ensuring the reliable operation of Davmax Pro system.