Installation guide

Installation manual of vehicle mounted computer for Gantry crane

1. Installation steps of outdoor fiberglass antenna
1) Connected the fiberglass antenna with feeder line, ensure tighten them completely.
2) After step 1, using the electrical adhesive tape to wrap them tightly , ensure no gap
3) After the proof cement is stretched, tightly wrap it on the surface of electrical adhesive tape, ensure uniformity, tightness and no gap.
4) Tightly wrap the proof cement by using the electrical adhesive tape, ensure it completely wrap and cover proof cement, using hand to clench it again 
5) Fixed and connected the fiberglass, feeder line and steel tube
6) Fixed the steel tube with gantry crane railing

Waterproofing work

2. Fixed steel tube on the roof of gantry crane
1) Fixing steel tube position must be spacious, if there is supported point under the steel tube that will be better, it needs to be higher than all the shelter which on the gantry crane roof.
2) Normally, the steel tube length is 2m, it can select to use running water tube
3) For the steel tube, the best way to fix it on the edge of gantry cran

3. Fixed diagram about gantry crane steel tube
1) Punching for steel tube and gantry crane guard bar plate, some points need to be noticed when punching on gantry crane: Firstly, guaranteeing the safety about punching position and steel tube fixed; Secondly, the length of feeder line decided by the distance between steel tube fixed position and driving equipment; Thirdly, mounting convenience.
2) Fixed the fiberglass antenna on the above of steel tube by using U shape buckle, and then using the ribbon to fasten the feeder line.
3) Using double nut to fasten the position of screw through the steel tube and gantry crane punched, then using hoop to fasten it tightly, put the steel tube in the gantry crane guard bar to prevent falling.

4. Feeder line route introduction
To confirm the best route about how to lead the feeder line in driving cab, because of there are some lines on the roof of gantry crane need to lead in driving cab, generally, there will be some reserved line slots can be used. Below will introduce installation method by line slot to lead feeder line in driving cab.
1) Using the spanner to remove screws from line slot, and then put the feeder line along the line slot to lead in driving cab. Before feeder line lead in the driving cab, using the adhesive tape to tightly wind the N connector of feeder line to prevent it is loosened when it through the feeder line.
2) All the line slots are out of the guard bar, so it has to use safety belt when
removing screws:


5. The route of punching hole should along the edge of guard bar
It should be base on the customer’s advice to decide the position of punching hole. This position needs to consider the convenience.
1) Punching hole’s position should be selected to near the door and punching the hole on the bottom, so it is convenient to bundle. Before the feeder line lead in driving cab, it also needs to use the adhesive tape to tightly wind the N connector.
2) Using the ribbon to fasten the feeder line along guard bar. if the feeder line is overlength, it can be circled and use ribbon to fasten it, the best choice is on the top of guard bar.
3) It needs to make the waterproofing work to prevent the water leak in driving cab.

6. Bracket installation in the driving cab
1) If there is a support plate on the side of diving cab window, it can be used for fasten the bracket, and then install the equipment on it. In order to avoid the feeder line was broken caused by shocking, thus cause unstable wireless signal, please using the ribbon to fasten the feeder line.
2) If there is no support plate in the driving cab that will need to install one for it, punching holes on the inner bottom plate and using the screws to fasten the bracket.