Installation guide

Installation manual of vehicle mounted computer for Trailer terminal

1.1 Bracket installation introduction
1. The driving space of trailer is limited, so it needs to find the suitable position to punch to fix the bracket. Generally, fixing on the right side of driver position to let driver operate it more conveniently. Meanwhile, it needs to guarantee installation equipment and personal safety.
2. To fix the vehicle terminal on trailer, the optional of antenna configuration will be more, mainly have three types: Rubber Duck Antenna, Magnetic Mount Antenna and Fiberglass Antenna. Generally, the Antenna optional is decided by the wireless cover range of local environment or customer’s needs.
3. Main and common tools: handle driller, punching machine, monkey spanner, gloves and so on.

1.2 case introduction of outside antenna installation
Case 1.VT-633 installation on Berth No.5 and 6 of Humen Port

1. Fixing vehicle terminal on the middle position of trailer, near to the right side of driver to conveniently operate.
2. Choosing the suitable bracket installation position and punching holes, the holes size are 10mm, using the steel screws to fix bracket and the size is M10*10, using double nut and punching accordingly to lead the external antenna into the cab.
3. When selecting the fixed bracket, it needs to consider the thickness of car board to measure if it can support the weight of bracket and equipment.
4. The electrical power is in the driver operation table, if not clear about the circuit, please ask for assistance from customer’s electrician.

Case 2.  VT-633 installation on Songyu wharf in Xiamen
1. Most of the trailer bracket installation are similar, fixed on the right side of driver position.
2. The picture below showed the car board was deformed and caused the safety issue, due to the thickness of car board isn’t enough, the smaller touch surface of 02 bracket, after a long time and the vibration caused the looseness. Therefore, it used two pieces of steel board on the two sides of car board to add the pressured surface.
3. Fixing the bracket by using autonomous screws will be simpler, it needn’t to punch hole to fix the screws. For guarantee the stability of equipment not be affected by the screws looseness , best way to use a few more screws on the bracket.
4. Supply the power by battery, connecting the power wire into the driver cab, through the DC-DC power adapter then to the equipment, picture below show the installation of power adapter, through directly the autonomous screws fixed on the panel
5. External antenna entrance into the panel then vehicle and go out
6. Using ribbon to tight the power and feeder line

Case 3  VT-633 installation on the harbor of Nansha
1.Because the customer’s trailer has already installed vehicle terminal, just needs to replace the terminal. Punching hole directly on the previous bracket position, this installation method will be convenient by using the screw to fix on it.  
2.There is power box on the above of trailer, this power box provide power for interphone. It have 12V and 24V output, power supply directly from the power box, relatively voltage is stable, it only needs to use the fuse and needn’t add more one DC-DC power adapter.
3.If customer local environment is covered well by wireless signal, it can use the Rubber Duck Antenna directly.

2.1 case introduction of external antenna
Case 1.  external antenna installation on Berth No.5 and 6 of Humen Port
1. Magnetic mount antenna is on the roof of vehicle, the feeder line go along the vehicle head and use the ribbon to tighten them, the feeder line through into the driving cab by the punched hole.
2. Using double screws to fix the bracket, prevent the nut will be loosened after a long time.
3. When install the feeder line, it needs operator to assist to use the handle to shake up the vehicle head. Other vehicles also can use this method to take a reference.