Product FAQ

Why it needs DC TO DC power adapter when install our VMT in forklift, trailer, reach stacker and stacker ?

There is a peak value when vehicle start.  In order to avoid burning power supply board in VMT, so it needs DC-DC power adapter to make voltage stable. At present, power supply board can support: 8-36V.

Explanation:For this type of vehicle storage battery, there are three voltage output specs, pls refer below:
                     1. Trailer battery output voltage: 12V
                     2.  Reach stacker and stacker battery output voltage: 24V
                     3.  Forklift battery output voltage:  48V

At present, there are DC-DC power adapters :
                      1. 9-58V
                      2. 18-68V

Suggestion:1. When vehicle storage battery output voltage is 12V or 24V, pls choose 9-58V power adapter;
2. When vehicle storage battery output voltage is 48V, pls choose 18-68V power adapter.;