Product FAQ

How to realize switch between different SSID for VT-531 ?

Wireless network cards: SDC-MSD30AG or SDC-MSD10G is installed in VT-531, it can be achieved to free switch between different SSID through SCU software. Steps as below:
1. Open configuration interface of SCU as below photo (1), click Auto Profile right List as below Photo
2. (2). At present, it is blank, because there is no SSID configuration.

                                        (1)                                                                                     (2)

 2. Do configuration for AP SSID. Pls refer configuration file of SUMMIT. After finish configuration, back to  Main interface-- Active Profile. Check whether there is any missing.  Then click List and verify whether it is successful configurations as Photo (4):

                                         (3)                                                                                    (4)