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                                                                            Solution for vending machine
   Vending manchine is designed to pack the goods put indside, It needs one intelligent system manager terminal to control different peripheral device including goods choice, payment, delivery goods, changes, ticket processes. Darveen EBC-2000 series intelligent control server is best choice for hard environment to make sure stable and useful for vending machine.
   It's a special business mode good to reduce operation cost. for example in restaurant, customer can directly place order on the vending machine and there will automaticlly derive a receipt according to which the waiters could prepare the food ordered on the machine.

● Solutions
 EBC-2000series are intelligent control server to manage devices, such as ATM , Vending machine, barcode printer.
 EBC-2128 applying in vending machine, Via 8 standard DB-9 RS-232/422/485 series port to control other devices;


  Solution for vending machine.pdf

Installation Tips


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