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                                                                   Container Number Recognition – OCR Solution
● Introduction

Each container box has its own specialized number generated by definite rules. It has been used worldwide as the only identifying of container box, so it has become one of the basic at the application area of customs, terminal, harbordistrict, freight and logistics management. The traditional container manage system, which depends on factitious identification and inputting, is a low operation speed and easily occurs with contrived error and omission. With the grown of freight and requirement of modernized management, accurate and reliable container automatic identification technology has been a necessary part of container manage system. It will be a very important significance for the degree improvement of automatic manage and control, the decrease of time consumption, if adopting automatic identification technology successfully.
Container’s Number automatic identification is a practical developing technology on the base of OCR. It can take a real-time capture of container image and identify its container No. and IOS number. 

● Solutions

Darveen VT and EBC series product, which combines with industrial camera as part of OCR container identify system, detected the container position with infrared sensor, control the camera to catch the container number. Then the image information was sent to Darveen industrial computer for real-time data processing via optical image recognition module, enter their container No. and IOS number to local system. Also those information can be shared with other manage system. All the operations could be done without human intervention. With clear picture, high image resolution and the application of momentary light supplement technology, our product makes the case number recognition rate as high as above 95% and can adapt to high speed of container trucks.

 Container Number Recognition – OCR Solution.pdf

Installation Tips


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